Occasionally our customers and potential customers have questions about our services and products. ZurRock works very hard to ensure that every question is answered and that the person inquiring is very comfortable with the given answer. We truly understand that everyone is not a programmer or developer. However, we know that no one knows your business better than you and we are here to help make your business and software ideas come to life.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should I choose ZurRock LLC for software consulting?
  2. How long does it take for you to design a website or program for me?
  3. How can you help change and improve my company?
  4. Do you offer 24x7 technical support?
  5. What is the best way to contact you?
  6. What type of clients do you work with?
  7. My computer runs slow. Can your company help me?

  8. Technology
  9. Do you keep my software up to date with new developments?
  10. Do you offer other services such as website hosting?
  11. Do you work with third party developers?
  12. Is your site secure?
  13. What kind of user and technical training do you provide?
  14. If you design software for me, who has rights to the design?
  15. What type of software do you develop?
  16. Will I be able to evaluate the software before purchasing it?

  17. Payment
  18. What forms of payment do you accept?
  19. Do you take checks?
  20. What are your payment terms, rates, and minimums?
  21. How do I pay?
  22. Will I be charged tax?

  23. How do I get the software once I buy it?
  24. How long will it take to process my order?

    Policies and Technical Support
  25. Do you offer a guarantee on your products?
  26. What is your privacy policy?
  27. Why isn't my browser working with your site?
  28. What is your return and warranty policy?
  29. What if I need to cancel part or all of my order?

    1. Why should I choose ZurRock LLC for software consulting?
      ZurRock LLC has been developing software for both large and small companies for over 20 years. One of the keys to our success is that we realized early in our business that attention to detail and the end user experience is crucial in having a successful project. Whether you are a large or small company, ZurRock LLC can help make your ideas come to life.

    2. How long does it take for you to design a website or program for me?
      Development time totally depends on the type of software being developed, the features being requested, and the type of technology chosen for development. A typical full design project takes approximately 30 to 90 days. However, much of this depends on whether you already have design requirements, whether an existing system is to be modified, or whether a totally new system needs to be created. With every consulting project, ZurRock LLC will provide you with a detailed development schedule to ensure that you know exactly where the project status is at any time.

    3. How can you help change and improve my company?
      Many times a customer knows exactly what they want, but have no idea on how to make it happen. Contrary to belief, a brand new system is not always needed in order to make your business processes better. Sometimes simply updating or adding to your existing system will make your business better and more efficient. ZurRock LLC will examine your request in detail and make suggestions to you on what we think is the best method to pursue. This methodology gives you the customer multiple options for development and allows you to determine the most optimum path that fits your budget and schedule.

    4. Do you offer 24x7 technical support?
      We do offer after hour technical support but only in the case of an emergency. All of our systems have an up time rating of 99.9%. After contacting us, a customer service representative will contact you within 24 hours. For emergency support customers will be contacted as soon as possible.

    5. What is the best way to contact you?
      The best way is to contact us is through our Contact Us page. Using the contact us page allows us to better serve you by logging your request, prioritizing your request, and researching the answer to your question or request before contacting you. Remember that a customer service representative will contact you within 24 hours. If necessary, you may also contact us directly at

      ZurRock LLC
      P.O. Box 902517
      Sandy, Utah 84090
      Phone: 801-349-2666
      Email: cs@zurrock.com

    6. What type of clients do you work with?
      ZurRock LLC has created software and worked with many different types of clients some of which include

      Church Organizations
      Clothing Industry
      Computer Chip Industry
      Construction Industry
      Heavy Machinery Industry
      Home Protection Industry
      Jewelry Industry
      Lawn Care Industry
      Mortgage Industry
      Payroll Industry
      Power Utility Industry
      Shipping Industry
      Tax Industry

      Our company specializes in helping you determine the best software direction for your company no matter how large or small it may be.

    7. My computer runs slow. Can your company help me?
      Actually yes. In some instances we can examine your existing hardware to make sure it is compatible and able to run your software efficiently. We will make recommendations on how to fix or improve the performance of your computer. If requested, our technicians can also assist with performing the corrections needed for your system for a fee.

    8. Do you keep my software up to date with new developments?
      Whether it is an enhancement requested by our customers or a simple bug fix discovered by our developers, we are always looking at ways to improve and enhance our products to keep them up to date. Part of our success is greatly linked to us listening to our customer's needs and wants on all projects. At ZurRock LLC we believe that no one knows how to do their job better than the actual customer and end user.

    9. Do you offer other services such as website hosting?
      No. We do not directly offer services such as website hosting. However, ZurRock LLC does work closely with existing web hosting services for our customer hosting accounts. If needed, we can get you set up and online with one of our recommended hosting services very easily. We do our best to take as much of the technical hassles out of your planning so that you can concentrate on making your ideas happen.

    10. Do you work with third party developers?
      Because ZurRock LLC is very customer oriented, it is very rare for us to use any third party developers. Our existing software developers are constantly pushing to improve our software. In fact, many of the improvements in our software come from actual customer feedback and end users who interact with our software on a daily basis. This methodology has been very successful for us and we intend to continue this with this approach to ensure project success and great software.

    11. Is your site secure?
      Our website is handled by secure servers using SSL encryption. We do not store or save complete credit card information on our site.

    12. What kind of user and technical training do you provide?
      Our company provides training on any of our existing systems and products. We also offer training of several Microsoft products such as Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and others. Many times by simply training your employees on how to use their existing Microsoft desktop office tools effectively, you can drastically improve your company's efficiency and performance no matter how large or small with overall minimal cost.

    13. If you design software for me, who has rights to the design?
      Most software that we develop is owned by us. Occasionally depending on the type of contract and agreement, the customer may want to own the rights to the software design. In this case the customer will have rights to the design elements of their software and may use them in the future and on other marketing projects as long as it is within the restrictions of any third party image providers that may have been used in the development.

    14. What type of software do you develop?
      We develop websites and Microsoft Office multi-user applications. Websites are created using PHP and ASP.NET (e-commerce and non e-commerce). Almost all of our applications are developed to interact with relational databases such as Microsoft SQL, MySQL, and Access backends. We have developed software for numerous types of clients and fields (See our client list).

    15. Will I be able to evaluate the software before purchasing it?
      ZurRock LLC carries a 30 day money back guarantee for online purchases only. During your initial 30 day purchase period, you will be able to use and evaluate our online software at your convenience. If for any reason you are not satisfied during the 30 day period, you can contact us to request a refund (See our return and warranty policy).

    16. What forms of payment do you accept?
      We gladly accept major credit cards, PayPal, and US money orders. You can pay instantly with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, and PayPal through our secure server.

    17. Do you take checks?
      We only accept checks for non-online consulting contracts. However, we do accept money orders issued from U.S. banks only. Please include your order confirmation or account number on your money order to avoid any delays in processing your payment. Your account will not be updated until the payment is received and the funds verified. If for any reason a check that has been issued for your account does not clear, ZurRock LLC will no longer accept checks as a form of payment for your specific account.

    18. What are your payment terms, rates, and minimums?
      ZurRock LLC has several payment option plans. We know that every business is different in size and resources. ZurRock allows contract customers to split their bill into payments if needed. This option allows businesses both large and small to stretch their budget. Our rates are partially based on the current consulting rates in your region at the time of the contract. Because of this, we do not set minimums.

    19. How do I pay?
      To pay you simply select the items you would like to purchase and add them to your shopping cart. When you are finished shopping, select the checkout option. If you already have an account, you should use the login using My Account to automatically populate your billing information. You will then be directed to choose from one of the many available payment options. If you are a new customer, you should create a new account at checkout. Creating an account allows you to track your entire purchase history online. If you elect to pay by money order, your payment will not be processed until the payment is received and verified.

    20. Will I be charged tax?
      Yes. Our taxation rate is based on your state's sales tax rate.

    21. How do I get the software once I buy it?
      After your online purchase is completed and approved, your purchase will then be immediately available to you online.

    22. How long will it take to process my order?
      Credit card payments are processed instantly. Money orders are processed after funds are received and verified which can take up to 5 to 10 days.

    23. Do you offer a guarantee on your products?
      Yes. We offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on all our products on your first initial purchase of the software. Please contact us via our Contact Us page to receive a Return Merchandise Authorization number for refund requests. ZurRock.com will not process any returns that do not have a RMA number. (See our return and warranty policy).

    24. What is your privacy policy?
      At ZurRock.com we value your privacy! Any information you share with us is never shared with others. Name, address and other contact information is used solely in conjunction with fulfilling your orders or providing you with ZurRock.com product information. From time to time, we may contact you via email or US Postal mail to inform you of new products, specials, and promotions. If you prefer to not receive this information from us, please contact us via our Contact Us page or by logging into your "My Account" and deselecting this option . If you ever send us comments about any of our products or services, your comments may be posted on our "Customer Testimonials" page (unless you specifically ask us not to post them), but your full name will not be used in order to protect your privacy. All payment processing is handled and processed on a secure server. See our "Privacy & Legal Notices" for more information.

    25. Why isn't my browser working with your site?
      Ordering from our site requires the use of an SSL-compliant browser. We recommend using Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you are using other browsers, we can't guarantee that all of our site features will work correctly. Your browser preferences must also be set to accept cookies and java.

    26. What is your return and warranty policy?
      We want you to be happy with your ZurRock.com purchases! We offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your first initial purchase of any of our online software (see Detailed Information Regarding Returns and Warranties below).

      "What do I need to do?"

      Simply request a Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA) by using our Contact Us page. We will not process any refunds without the RMA number. Give us the reason for the refund request so that we may process your request quickly.

      Detailed Information Regarding Returns and Warranties
      On warranty refunds, you will receive a complete credit after the RMA is requested and processed.

      ° Once our customer service department has processed the refund request the customer will be notified as to the status of their refund via email. Refunds usually take 2-3 business days for the credit card company to process but sometimes the customer's bank holds the funds for as much as 10 days. Please note that the 2-3 day processing time starts after the RMA has been processed and the email notification has been sent. The refund will be issued to the customer via the same payment method used for the original purchase, credit card, or PayPal®.

      If you have any questions regarding our return policy, you can contact us via our Contact Us page or by phone at 801-349-2666.

    27. What if I need to cancel part or all of my order?

      Please contact us via our Contact Us page or by phone at 801-349-2666 if you need to cancel any or all of your order. Please have your order number handy when calling. Every effort will be made to accommodate the cancellation of your order providing your order is within the first 30 days of the first initial purchase of the online software. We will gladly refund the complete balance in this case. However, in the event that a cancellation is requested after the first 30 days of initial purchase, we will not refund any portion of your order. Please refer to the Detailed Information Regarding Returns and Warranties section above for instructions on returning merchandise under our Return Policy.


    Because ZurRock.com values your patronage and respects your privacy rights, we are voluntarily providing you with this statement of our Privacy Policy. The following discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices for any website operated by ZurRock LLC, including any site from which you access this Privacy Policy (collectively, the “Website”).

    Personal Information We Collect About You

    "Personal Information" is information through which you can be identified. ZurRock.com only collects Personal Information that you voluntarily provide to us. The Personal Information that ZurRock.com collects through our Website depends on the nature of your activities, including, but not limited to, whether you complete a survey, contact us for information, register for a promotion, join a forum, download software, create an account on ZurRock.com and proceed through the ZurRock.com checkout process. Personal Information that ZurRock.com may collect from you when you participate in these activities may include your name, address, email address, phone number, your login and password, order information, and comments that may identify you, and other information that you voluntarily provide.

    How We Use The Personal Information We Collect

    ZurRock.com uses Your Personal Information to identify you to respond to your online email requests when you visit ZurRock.com and choose the “Contact Us” option, to register you for certain activities/access on the Website at your request and to confirm that registration, to help identify you in the event you lose your password, and to otherwise maximize your access to our online services and products, and order processing/fulfillment. If you choose not to give us your Personal Information, you can still use most of our Website, however, you will not be able to send us email inquiries, access certain features/sections, complete a survey, register online for giveaways, or make an online purchase.

    ZurRock.com may also disclose Personal Information: (1) to comply with a court order, subpoena, search warrant or other legal process; (2) to comply with legal, regulatory or administrative requirements of any governmental authorities; (3) to protect and defend ZurRock.com, its subsidiaries and affiliates, and all of their officers, directors, employees, attorneys, agents, contractors, and partners, in connection with any legal action, claim or dispute; (4) to enforce the Terms of Use of our Website; and (5) to prevent imminent physical harm.

    Except as provided in this Privacy Policy, ZurRock.com will not sell, trade, or disclose to third parties any Personal Information obtained through ZurRock.com or from third parties without your consent.

    Please be aware that this Privacy Policy and any choices you make on the Website will not necessarily apply to Personal Information you may have provided to us or any third parties in the context of other, separately operated, operations or in connection with unrelated products or services.

    General Information we collect and use

    “General Information” is information we collect through your connection and interaction with our Website. General Information does not identify you, personally - for instance, we can't identify your name or address from your Internet browser address, but we can use General Information to compile statistics about visitors to our Website and preferences of our visitors. General Information we collect when you visit our Website includes the domain and host from which you access the Internet (ex: aol.com), the Internet protocol address (“IP Address”) of the computer you are using (this is the number used by computers on a network to identify them to other computers), the browser software you are using, the operating system you are using, the date and time that you access our Website, the specific pages you visit at our Website, the number of visits you make to our Website, the number of visits to specific pages you make at our Website, and products or services viewed at our Website.

    We use the General Information we collect to perfect and administer our Website, analyze trends, and generate aggregate statistics about visitors to our Website. In situations where it is possible to do so, General Information may be linked to Personal Information.

    Cookies and Web Beacons

    A cookie is an element of data that frequently contains an anonymous unique identifier. Such data is sent from the website to your browser, which may then store it on your system for future use. Our Website uses cookies to keep track of your shopping cart and to honor your preferences, such as not using frames.

    Web beacons are clear image files that may be placed on a website to monitor the behavior of visiting users of the website. Web beacons are used in conjunction with cookies and assist in passing along the same type of General Information, such as the IP address, time, and duration that a web page was viewed, the type of browser that retrieved the image, and previously set cookie values.

    You can set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie, giving you the option to accept or reject it. You may not be able to conduct some transactions or use some services on our Website if you disable your browser from accepting cookies.


    We do not knowingly collect, maintain, or use personal information from our Website about children under the age of 13. We request that persons under the age of 13 not use our Website without supervision from a responsible adult. If a child whom we know to be under the age of 13 sends Personal Information to us, we will only use that information to respond directly to that child, notify parents, or seek parental consent.


    ZurRock.com has implemented a variety of security measures to prevent the unauthorized release of, access to, or use of Personal Information collected through our Website. For example, we only store your basic Personal Information on computer servers that are located in controlled facilities and that have limited access. We have set up technical security measures such as browser encryption, routers and firewalls to safeguard Personal Information against unauthorized access. Our site uses SSL encryption to secure all sensitive information sent and received from our site for your security. Our services are located in the United States. Please be advised, however, that no security system is impenetrable/fail-proof. The secure servers are not generally accessible by unauthorized third parties, but could become accessible in the event of a security breach. ZurRock.com has no control over the security of computers or other electronic devices of others or over means you use to send emails and submit information to ZurRock.com over the Internet. Therefore, ZurRock.com cannot ensure safety regarding the disclosure or interception of your information before it is received by ZurRock.com.

    Links to Other Materials

    If any link is offered connecting to a third-party website, it is for the convenience of our Website visitors and as an accommodation to the respective third-party site owner and without charge. ZurRock.com reserves the right to reject any request for a link to a third-party website and to remove any link for any reason. Sites linked to and from this Website are not necessarily under the control of ZurRock.com and ZurRock.com shall have no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the content or privacy practices of any such linked site or any link or linking program at any time.

    Opt Out Procedures

    Information regarding opt-out procedures is provided in every promotional email we send to you.

    Access To Your Personal Information

    To review or change any of your Personal Information, please log into your ZurRock.com "My Account" and update your account information. If you still have any questions pertaining to your account, please contact us via our Contact Us page and one of our Customer Care agents will contact you as soon as your request is reviewed.

    Legal Notices

    All material on the Website, including, without limitation, all informational text, design of and "look and feel," layout, photographs, graphics, audio, video, messages, interactive messaging design and functions, files, documents, images or other materials on our Website (collectively, the "materials"), whether publicly posted or privately transmitted, as well as all derivative works, are owned by ZurRock LLC and/or its affiliates and subsidiaries (collectively, “ZurRock.com”) or other parties that have licensed to or otherwise permitted their material to be used by ZurRock.com, and are protected by copyright, trademark and other intellectual property laws. ZurRock.com disclaims any proprietary interest in trademarks, service marks, logos, slogans, domain names and trade names other than its own. Trademarks, logos, images and service marks displayed on the Website are the property of either ZurRock.com or other third parties. You agree not to display or use such marks without ZurRock.com's prior written permission.

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    All rights not expressly granted herein by ZurRock.com to you are reserved by ZurRock.com and/or its licensors.

    ZurRock.com provides a variety of information on its Website, such as information on distributors, email offers, products, shipping, and the like. ZurRock.com will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide accurate and updated information. However, ZurRock.com cannot and does not guarantee the accuracy of such information. Finally, through its web sites, ZurRock.com provides the capability for you to upload and download files from/to your computer. Although ZurRock.com takes the security precautions outlined above, there can be no guarantee that files you download from the Website will be corruption free, will not be intercepted by pirates, or will meet your needs and expectations.


    Notifications of any claim of copyright infringement should be sent to ZurRock.com's Designated Agent at:
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    Changes to this Privacy Policy

    This Privacy Policy was posted on September 9, 2007. ZurRock.com reserves the right to change, modify or amend this Privacy Policy at any time without notice. When the Privacy Policy is changed, modified and/or amended, the revised Privacy Policy will be posted on the Website. Any revised Privacy Policy will only apply prospectively to Personal Information collected or modified after the effective date of the revised policy. Customers are responsible for periodically checking the Privacy Policy available on the Website for changes, and are encouraged to bookmark the Website to check for updates and take or print out copies of the Privacy Policy for their records. Continued use of the Website following any changes or modifications shall be deemed as your acceptance of any changes in the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy.

    If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us via our Contact Us page or at:

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