ZurRock LLC main purpose is to make our clients ideas actually come to life without sacrificing quality and innovation. We work with large and small businesses to provide both new solutions and tailoring any of our existing solutions to help streamline their business processes. Because we truly listen to our clients, many of our software packages are very closely related to our client’s input and ideas for us to create or improve their software. ZurRock LLC is proud to offer our clients great user friendly software that fits almost any budget.



Z-Church Software
Z-Church Software is the church management system that's simple but powerful for both large and small churches. Our church software allows you to keep track of your church membership and visitors, manage your resources and calendar, track attendance and giving, and report on the information. Because the Z-Church Software is web-based, you will be able to access your information securely from anywhere there is an internet connection. You will be able to do things more quickly and with much greater efficiency such as track membership, attendance, contributions, prospects and finances, understand how people are involved in your church, print programs, and print year end documents for your members. ZurRock LLC believes that your church software should work for you, helping you minister to your congregation.
Z-Check Scan Software

Z-Check Scan Software helps small businesses to organize and archive check images and information. The software is offered as a network based system or as a standalone system that can be tightly integrated with your network security. Whether implementing a solution on a departmental level or on an enterprise wide basis, Z-Check Scan Software delivers scalable check imaging, scanning, and storage solutions for any industry or marketplace. Your business will realize greater efficiencies and cost savings in managing needed customer check images.

  • Supports a multitude of scan devices
  • Automated index check searches
  • ODBC compliant
  • Automated archiving procedures
  • Improve information management
  • Custom reporting
Z-Lawn Care Software
Z-Lawn Care Software is web based business management software for people in the landscaping and lawn care service industries. Features include scheduling, routing, billing, reporting, payroll, tracking business expenses, and much more! If you're a small business and you're looking for software to keep track of your customer accounts and do your billing, then Z-Lawn Care Software is the software for you. This software will help you eliminate paperwork and become more productive while keeping track of your crews, equipment, and to easily update completed field work for rescheduling, billing, and revenue tracking. You can export your data to many different formats for use in other systems. Because the software is web based, you will be able to check the status of your business anytime and anywhere there is an internet connection.
Z-Invoice Software

Z-Invoice Software is a simple solution to help your business no matter how large or small print professional looking invoices and bids. Professional looking documents can help your business increase the number of returning customers and impress new potential customers.

  • Create and print Invoices
  • Create and print Bids/Quotes
  • Create and print sales reports (global or by customer) to see how your business is going
  • Keep Track of Inventory
  • Concentrate on other business tasks instead of spending hours on your invoices
  • Impress your customers with clean, easy to read and understand invoices and quotes
  • Know exactly who owns you money and when their invoice will become overdue
  • Keep track of payments made by your customers
  • Keep all your previous invoices for future reference
  • Put your company's logo on top of an invoice No
  • Monitor due dates and amounts easily
  • Record payments made by customers
  • E-mail invoices
  • Invoices preformatted for double-window envelope
Z-Log Book Software

Z-Log Book is a web based electronic log book system that can be used for any type of business tracking of employee tasks and shift times. Z-Log Book can be utilized in any type of industry including electric power plants, natural gas plants, oil refineries, chemical plants, food industry, clothing industry, manufacturing, medical facilities, educational institutions, and much much more. Z-Log Book can replace any type of written log used in your company to communicate business tasks between employees of different shifts. Increased communication and information translates to greater safety, consistency, and higher efficiency for your entire business.

  • Create your own company specific categories
  • Create your own shifts
  • Unlimited flexibility to administer information almost instantly
  • Create reminders to pass along from shift-to-shift to make sure important tasks get done
  • Instantly search log book entries past and present
  • Print copies of any log information
  • Know what happened on the last shift before you start your shift.
  • Administrator controls to help make sure data integrity is maintained
Z-Safety Tagging Software

Z-Tagging Software provides a user-friendly, consistent, reliable, and accurate method of managing your plant's lockout and tag out needs. Our software gives end-users the information they need easily & quickly. Protect your employees and equipment with detailed cross referencing that prevents isolation conflicts from occurring. Tags are produced on highly durable media that are robust enough to withstand even the harshest industrial environment. Z-Tagging Software delivers safety and efficiency in permit planning. The pre-planned standard isolation feature provides safe, rapid access to carefully prepared and planned isolations for specific items while increasing productivity.

  • Customized tracking method based on your site's individual needs
  • Unlimited number of line items
  • Ability to add lock lists to each step of your procedure
  • Ability to print your own custom tags and reports
  • Power to attach and retrieve helpful system diagrams
  • User friendly interface
  • Secure design to ensure data integrity and employee safety


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