ZurRock LLC provides custom programming using Microsoft Office, SQL Server, PHP, and ASP.NET. For over 20 years, we have provided custom programming for both large and small businesses in a variety of industries (See Clients List). If you're looking for someone to create new software for your business, or need additional help to maintain or extend existing application software, feel free to Contact Us.



Web Development
ZurRock LLC develops websites using PHP and ASP.NET. ASP.NET is mostly used because of its extreme scalability. ASP.NET applications require more time, cost, and installation steps (IIS application settings, .NET framework versions, aspnet_client folder, account permissions, web.config file, hosting settings, etc.) but the technology is very robust.

Microsoft Office
Developing an application in Microsoft Office has a number of advantages. It is generally less expensive to develop an application in Office as compared to ASP.NET applications because the development time is usually much shorter. An Office application can also be modified and updated more quickly as well. If over time you acquire large amounts of data, Microsoft Office data can easily be converted to SQL Server while still utilizing your existing Microsoft Office forms, reports, and features without much trouble. Microsoft Office includes powerful reporting features, interfaces with almost any Microsoft Office software, and can connect to numerous external data source easily. Contrary to some beliefs, Microsoft Office applications can be secured and can handle multiple users (multi-user design). ZurRock LLC has been the labeled one of the best Microsoft Office multi-user development companies out there. For over 20 years we have been building Office multi-user applications for both large and small businesses with the number of users ranging anywhere from 5 to over 500 accessing the same data at any given time. Many times a customer simply needs a new application to interface with their existing enterprise applications for better reporting, analyzing, and user interfacing. Microsoft Office usually fits this need very well. There is an abundance of applications and scripts available for Microsoft Office. The majority of our customers use advanced Microsft Office tools to integrate with their enterprise applications.

Microsoft SQL
Microsoft SQL Server is a much more powerful technology for housing data than Microsoft Office. However, using Microsoft Office as a front-end interface with SQL as its data storage works very well for both large and small applications. Unlike Microsoft Office, SQL Server is a true "client/server" database. What this means is that the majority of the work in processing data is actually done on the server, rather than on the user's workstation. Network traffic is optimized with SQL thus resulting in better performance. In addition, if needed, your performance can be enhanced even more by adding more "horsepower" to your SQL Server machine in the way of disk space, memory, processor speed, number of processors, etc., since this is the machine where the majority of processing now occurs.

ASP.NET Applications
ASP.NET is the Microsoft Web services strategy to connect information, people, systems, and devices through software. Integrated across the Microsoft platform, .NET technology provides the ability to build, deploy, manage, and use security-enhanced web solutions as enterprise applications.


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